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Winter Is Coming! - For the night is dark and full of lasers.
DJ Solutions - May 2013

It's the last month of autumn. As the winter chill creeps up to scare away the brides, the flow of birthdays holds strong and steady. One birthday in particular deserves an honourable mention this month. The DJ Solutions Birthday of the month (if there ever was one) goes to Chads 18th Birthday!


It is both dangerous and glorious when DJ Solutions is given the freedom to create the ultimate 18th birthday party. With free reign over Chads 18th, we supercharged it with 2 lasers, 4 led strips, 3 moving heads, 4 moving led pars, a heavy duty smoke machine, a low lying fog machine, 2 sets of DJ decks, and a whopping sound system to accompany the mayhem that would give Vivid Festival a run for its money! Along with the crazy set-up we had 3 DJ Solutions DJs on rotation throughout the night, giving it the nightclub feel Chad was after.


Happy Birthday Chad! Best of luck to you in the future, and thanks for partying with DJ Solutions!

As I said before, many brides have resided as the winter chill takes over, however we saw hundreds come out of the woodwork in the last weekend of May. You may have heard it advertised on the radio or seen an ad on the internet, either way it sure drew a crowd. We are talking, of course, about the Epping Club Wedding Expo!

As The Epping Clubs recommended DJ supplier, we had the pleasure of entertaining the hundreds of couples that were there to see the spectacular venue, boasting their new breathtaking crystal chandelier. And what would a wedding expo be without a display of wedding suppliers as well. From photographers to chocolate fountains, the wedding suppliers were a plenty and ready for an action packed day.


As it so happens every year, The Epping Club put on a grand show, showcasing a spectacular variety of wedding dresses, suits and even undergarments, all supplied by exhibitors. We even got to see some indoor fireworks in action! Once again, The Epping Club successfully showed the Sydney wedding industry just how and expo should be done.


That's all from the DJ Solutions Team for the month of May. We'll keep you updated as this exciting year unfolds!


- DJ Solutions Team

LEVEL UP! - The future of Australian DJ Entertainment is HERE!
DJ Solutions - May 2013

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

For years DJ Solutions has created amazing experiences for hundreds of thousands of people, filling rooms with love and music week after week. We've experienced the best and the worst of the industry and have grown with it as these years have passed. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, the next step has arrived.

We know what this industry needs... and we are here to change it!

As technology improves, the ability to DJ becomes more available to the masses, which means there is a flood of new DJs. This is great news, however like how the availability of high quality cameras has affected the photography industry, new DJ technologies has affected the entertainment industry.

We now have an even larger pool of DJs, both good and bad, both new and experienced. You yourself probably know someone already who says they are a DJ. Your problem is... you don't know who to trust with your event!

This is where DJ Solutions comes in.

DJ Solutions works extremely hard behind the scenes and has over the years tried, tested and implemented a scheme to make selecting DJ entertainment for your event a no brainer. We have developed a method for guaranteed satisfaction, focusing on 3 factors:

1. Impeccable Service - Communication between you and the DJ Solutions Team.

2. DJ Entertainment Quality - Music selection, mixing ability, energy and versatility.

3. Packages - The combination of equipment needed to compliment the rest of the event and the energy you want.

By hosting monthly team meetings, we teach and implement these base qualities (and more) to and with our DJs. This means when you ask for one of our DJs, you know what to expect. There is no mystery around the quality of the DJ, the package that you have will be perfect for your event, and there is no need for fear of a "no show", last minute cancellation, or lack of communication due to low service standards.

When you choose DJ Solutions, you know what you are getting.

In our montly DJ Solutions Team Meeting earlier this month at Top End Sound Studios, the entire team were incredibly excited for this next level of entertainment and service, and can not wait to start changing the industry.

We wish to see change in this industry... we wish to be the change in this industry.

It starts with DJ Solutions.


DJ Solutions Team

I CAN SMELL... FRESHNESS! - Surprises in store!
DJ Solutions - April 2013

DJ Solutions has been working very hard behind the scenes on some fun and exciting new... everything! We say everything because we mean... EVERYTHING! From the way we look, to the way DJs are trained. From our logo to an upgrade of our website.

The MOST exciting thing we will be launching is our Packages. As Sydney's top DJ hire company and unique entertainment provider, we believe we have to prove ourselves to hold that position. This new DJ Solutions will premiere in Sydney and will include our most noticable change, our new packages.

The idea of these Packages is to help you create a party experience you may not have imagined possible. Using our knowledge and experience, we have carefully crafted these packages to provide you with maximum entertainment!

We're launching these exciting new developments in mid May. So keep an eye out, plan your next party, and tell your friends!

- DJ Solutions Team

Also, here is a cat →                 Have a great day!

DANCING WITH THE DJ! - Video of Police Woman Dancing Goes Viral
DJ Solutions - April 2013

Unless you've been living under a rock, let us be the first to tell you that this video is as awesome as it sounds. In fact, the video has gone viral! Reaching over 1.5 million views, it's safe to say that the Police Force in Australia have reached a whole new level of international respect. 

The video starts off with an elderly man who decidedly enjoys the music enough start dancing in the middle of Martin Place, Sydney. The event was a PCYC Fundraiser, and lets face it, if you can't raise enough money with the assistance of this guys dance moves, then all hope is lost! The police patroling the area stop to observe the strange behaviour. Rather than stopping it, they learn that it's nothing more than a human being simply enjoying the little things. This obviously resonated with one brave police woman as she steps out to join in the fun!

Of course, there's a catch. Believe it or not, WE were the musical entertainment on the day. DJ Solutions was DJing (DJ Sirilas in fact), set-up just out of shot to the right. Now, here's what's more unbelievable. After the video went viral, the remix artist of the song playing got in touch with DJ Solutions to speak to DJ Sirilas himself! From here, who knows what will happen!

You can see the video below along with a report in UK Magazine, TNT Mag.

Another day, another successful gig!

PARTY TIME! - Too school for cool... that's right!
DJ Solutions - March 2013

March so far has scrubbed up to be one big, hot, sweaty mess! We've been dancing with some of the biggest party schools in Sydney (before you get any ideas, they're just regular schools, not schools that teach you to party... perhaps DJ Solutions should start one!), including Danebank School for Girls, William Clarke College and St Pauls Catholic College.

Danebank were celebrating their 80th Year in action, and what better way to do that than to have a party? Now, the cool thing about this anniversary is that it ​was held DURING school hours. That's right! Turn up to school, check-in to roll-​call and follow teachers' instructions "You must disco for the rest of the day!"

William Clarke College had their Silver Jubilee Dinner, marking 25 Years of quality education in the Hills District. We were graced with a performance from X Factors' extremely talented Mahogany, shortly followed by some dancing!

St Pauls Catholic College... well... they don't need a reason, they party just for the sake of it! DJ Solutions teamed up with affiliates ​​U Neek Events, for yet another epic party fuelled by a massive sound system, tonnes of lights, prize give-aways, our very own DJ Solutions DJ and plenty of jumping! We also had a very special visit from Miss Australia contestant  Lena Kasparian, who is supporting the Ovarian Cancer Foundation and received plenty of love from party goers as they supported HER on her quest. Best of luck Lena!

(check out U Neek at ​

DJ Solutions - February 2013

Ok, so maybe we're not all so happy that it's February. That's right, we're all starting to snap out of holiday mode and getting back into work. Luckily for you, you maybe able to escape the post holiday depression, if only momentarily, by spending a great night out!

The Night Bazaar Market in Chiang Mai (Thailand) may be a market of awkward trinkets, fishermans pants, custom made soaps and intensely smelling of seafood, but the SYDNEY Bazaar Markets are anything but.

The Bizarre Bazaar Twilight Fashion Market (run by A Series of Fortunate Events) is an alleyway market filled with intricate fashion pieces, artistic displays, rich coffee and of course... MUSIC!

DJ Solutions has had the pleasure of adding to this artistic environment by providing our DJ Couch weekly.

You can spot the Bizarre Bazaar Twilight Fashion Market at Angel Place in Sydney City (off George St). Grab some dinner, browse for some clothing, and make it a night out. Say "G'day" to your local DJ Solutions Team Member while you're there!

DJ Solutions - January 2013

The month of January has been just as fun as NYE itself! As the season brings the warmth, we have had a huge amount of weddings, birthdays, harbour cruises and outdoor events, including the Slam Volleyball Festival.

SLAM is a nation wide amateur beach volleyball competition hosted by the best beaches around Australia. With the combination of fitness, sun, sand, Coronas and chilled out music, a day at a Slam Volleyball Festival is one worth while in our book! This is what we call "a good day at work" here at DJ Solutions HQ!

That's it from us for now. We hope your year has kicked off with a bang! Be sure to check out SLAM's videos below, and their website ​​

- DJ Solutions Team

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Cheers to another great year!
DJ Solutions - December 2013

Friends, family, drinking buddies and party animals alike. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We are delighted to say that we have a fantastic new years eve ahead of us, with NYE functions all over Sydney, including the spectacular views of all three levels of Sydney Tower, at the elegant Café Birkenhead with fine dining, floating on the harbour with three ships and Vagabond Cruises, at the Q Station in Manly for some partying in Sydneys northern suburbs and many more!

We would like to thank ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE whom we worked with, provided our services to and were entrusted by in 2012. We enjoyed every minute and we look forward to seeing you all in 2013.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We wish you and your families a safe and happy break!


DJ Solutions Team

P.S. Here's our view from the Sky Venue tonight, which is Level 3 of Sydney Tower.

Not a bad view to kick off the new year with!

Enjoy the festivities!

THE END IS NYE! - The Finish Line and Swimwear Parades.
DJ Solutions - December 2013

Yes, we understand that NYE also stands for New Years Eve, that's the point! But finishing off the year with a bit

of style is always a winner, and doing it for charity is the icing on the cake. Strut the Streets is back!

The annual Strut has taken place, with hundreds of scantily clad Sydney-Siders participating in Strut the Streets, a charity walk directed by AIME. The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME for short) is a charity organisation dedicated to giving Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers and DJ Solutions is proud to contribute to their yearly charity strut through the streets of Sydney city, alongside Budgy Smuggler.

If you didn't make it this year, we hope to see you next year, for what is bound to be another epic event!

Check out AIME at and Budgy Smuggler at



DJ Solutions Team

SEASONS GREETINGS! - The season of hard work and happiness.
DJ Solutions - December 2013

A holiday message to all of our amazing clients of 2012.

A HUGE THANK YOU to every one of you who booked with us in previous and the current year. We appreciate every one of you!

Have a happy and safe festive season!



DJ Solutions Team


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